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That Idyllic Little Picture

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The official Canyon Hills Web site has this picture at the top:

What's wrong with this picture? A lot of things:

  • It shows only 11 houses out of a total of 280. So imagine 25 times as many spread across the hillsides. And the density in areas with houses will be much higher than is shown here.
  • A lot of the infrastructure is missing: no driveways or streetlights, for example
  • There are no yards. People who pay $1 million for their houses want nice big yards for their kids and dogs to play in, for barbecues, for gardens. These guys will level things out and plant grass. Some of them will put in swimming pools. A lot of them will want fences and walls.
  • The vegetation isn't trimmed back. The fire department will require that all vegetation within 100 feet of any of these houses be cut down to a maximum height of 6 inches. That will make this whole area look a lot less natural.
  • Haven't they taken an existing photo and just "Photoshopped in" the houses? What about the 5.5 million cubic yards of grading? What about the ridgelines that are cut down by up to 80 feet? It's obvious that this section doesn't represent a typical portion of Canyon Hills.

Do the developers think that our community can't see through such shallow, callow propaganda? Here's our illustrator's version of what Canyon Hills would look like:

This is a joke, of course. Visit our Project Appearance page to see what the project would really look like.